Database: What do Scottish prisoners complain about?

BBC Scotland has performed an analysis of inmate complaints in Scottish prisons.

Prisoners filed nearly 9,000 complaints about issues such as food, staff and bullying between January 2013 and July 2014.

The data - obtained through a Freedom of Information request - reveals which prisons receive the most complaints regarding particular issues.

Despite being only the sixth largest prison, Glenochil attracted the most complaints about food, laundry, bullying, and the prison regime.

Edinburgh prison submitted the most complaints related to staff (117) and prisoners correspondence (88); Barlinnie received the most medically-related complaints (66).

Explore the data for yourself by using the searchable database below. Filter the data by entering your search term(s) into the text boxes below each column i.e. prison or issue. You can also order the question data by clicking on a specific column header.

NOTE: The data provided by the Scottish Prison Service was incomplete, with missing fields such as prison name and issue for some entries.

Database / analysis: Marc Ellison

Prison Issue Month Year Complaint ID